Recent Grads

Recent PhD Students

2014Nicolas JelinskiKyungsoo YooProblems of physical movement in soil genesis: Application of meteoric Beryllium-10 as a component of multi-tracer analysis
2014Keith HardingSnyderExamining the drivers of current and future changes in Central U.S. warm-season rainfall
2014An-Min WuNater/BellHillslope Redistribution of Soil Organic Carbon in the Depressional Landscape in Minnesota
2014Lu HuDylan MilletConstraints on the Sources and Impacts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) over North America from Tall Tower Measurements
2013Bijesh MaharjanVentereaFileNitrous Oxide Emissions in Corn Cropping Systems Under Different Management Practices
2013Erik KruegerBaker/OrchsnerEffects of Winter Rye after Corn Silage on Soil Nutrient Status, Water Quality, and Biomass Production
2013Douglas PribylBellPDF iconCharacterization and Formation of High-Chroma Features in Loamy Soils of Southern Minnesota
2011Elena BeyhautAllanMicrosoft Office document iconImproved Methodologies for Prairie Inoculation
2010Solomon FolleMullaPDF iconSWAT Modeling of Sediment, Nutrients and Pesticides in the Le-Sueur River Watershed, South-Central Minnesota
2007Jose HernandezMullaPDF iconStudies of Economically Optimum Fertilizer Rates and Spatial Variation of Landscape-Scale Experiments
2007Jianmin ZhangGriffis/BakerPDF iconUsing stable isotope techniques to investigate carbon cycle dynamics of an agricultural ecosystem
2007Satoshi IshiiSadowskyPDF iconSources and Impacts of Indigenous Escherichia coli In Soils from a Lake Superior Watershed

Siriluck Jitacksom

SadowskyPDF iconBradyoxetin and nodD2 Control Nodulation Efficiency of Bradyrhizobium japonicum in a Density Dependent Manner
2006Mahrous KandilSadowskyPDF iconGenetic Diversity of Soil Bacteria Degrading Cyanuric Acid-an Intermediate in the Atrazine Biodegradation Pathway
2006Jindong wuWangPDF iconValidation and Application of High Resolution Remote Sensing in Agricultural Fields
2005Kurt SpokasWangPDF iconImpacts of Soil Fumigation on Greenhouse Gas Emission

Recent MS Students

2014Eric NookerSpokasImpact of management practices on Minnesota's specialty crop production: from biochar to tillage practices
2014Will HertelSnyderA Multi-City Analysis of the Natural and Human Drivers of the Urban Heat Island
2013John RubinLambFileInfluence of Nitrogen Rate on Corn Grain Yield, Nitrogen Use Efficiency, and Nitrate Leaching on Coarse-Textured Minnesota Soils
2013Andria BondeKaiserMicrosoft Office document iconSplit Application of Sulfur and Potassium and their Leaching Potential for Corn Grown on Irrigated Soils
2013Daniel TersteegBell/KolkaPDF iconInfluences of Riparian Buffers and Soil Variability on the Hydrology of Seasonal Wetlands in Northern Minnesota
2013Amy LyttleYooPDF iconSoil Carbon and carbon-mineral interactions along an earthworm invasion chronosequence in a hardwood forest in Minnesota
2013Kit ResnerYooPDF iconInfluence of non-native invasive earthworms on soil inorganic biogeochemical cycles
2013Tyler NigonMulla/RosenAerial Imagery and Other Non-Invasive Approaches to Detect Nitrogen and Water Stress in a Potato Crop (PDF)
2012Rebecca BeduhnNater/BellIdentifying and Visualizing the Stratigraphy and Hydrology of a Loess Landscape in Southeastern Minnesota (PDF)
2012Stacey FeserStrockPDF iconThe Effects of Water Table Management on Edge-of-Field Water Quality and Comparing Soil Physical and Hydraulic Properties From an Undrained, Cultivated Row Crop Field to a Remnant Prairie in Southwest Minnesota
2012Natalie SchultzGriffisPDF iconTracing the Source and Transport of Atmospheric Water Vapor Using Stable Isotope Techniques
2011Joan SpenceKolka/VentereaPDF iconSpacial and Temporal Pattern of Nitrous Oxide Flux in an Upland-Bog Watershed
2011Keith HardingSnyderModeling the Impact of Irrigation on Precipitation over the Great Plains
2011Charles HyattVentereaPDF iconPolymer Coated Urea Effect on Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Potato Agriculture
2011Joel FassbinderGriffisPDF iconTracing the Flow of Carbon Through Ecosystems Using Stable Isotope Techniques
2011Keith PiotrowskiAllanPDF iconEffects of Conversion to Management Intensive Grazing on Soil Quality
2011Jarod BryantTwinePDF iconBiophysical effects on U.S. soybean agroecosystems from increasing carbon dioxide concentration
2009Jennifer CorcoranGriffisPDF iconAssessing the spatial variability of net ecosystem CO2 production in the Upper Midwest
2009Allyz Kramer PolacsekBellPDF iconCase study for Determining the Presence of the Moorsh-Forming Process in Drained Peat (Markey Murk) Soils, Anoka County, Minnesota, USA
2009Megan LennonBell/NaterPDF iconCarbon Sequestration in Restored Prairie Pothole Wetlands
2008John BeckBellPDF iconScientific Visualization of the Genesis and Hydrology of a Loess Landscape in Southeastern Minnesota
2008Travis BavinBaker/GriffisPDF iconImpacts of land management on the greenhouse gas budget of two alternatively managed agroecosystems
2008Paulo PagliariRosen/StrockPDF iconTurkey Manure Incinerator Ash as a Nutrient Source for Crop Production
2008Marilyn JohnsonAllanThe Effect of Fish Hydrolyzate on Short-Term Nutrient Loss By Leaching-Plan B
2007Sara Beth ThrondsonAndersonA Tale of Two Towns-Plan B
2007Emma WittNater/KolkaPDF iconAtmospheric Deposition of Total and Methyl Mercury in Boreal Forests and Response to Forest Fire
2007Stephanie WidmerHalbachPDF iconEvalutation of Different Biofilter Media to Reduce Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and E. coli from Feedlot Runoff
2007Ruth RobersonGuptaPDF iconInfluence of Material Properties and Drainage Practices on Pavement Base and Subgrade Water Content and Stiffness
2006Brandy ElfBell/RicePDF iconTemporal, Meteorological, and Chemical Influences on Phosphorus Release from a Northern Temperate Wetland
2006Maina Martir-TorresGrahamPDF iconThe Genetic Diversity of Rhizobia Associated with Dalea purpurea Vent. in Fragmented Grasslands of West-Central Minnesota
2006Erin BerrymanBaker/VentereaPDF iconSoil Phosphorus Release from a Disturbed Prairie Wetland and Water Table Restoration Impacts on Global Warming Potential
2005Juan Lopez DubonMullaPDF iconCrop Condition Assessment and Optimum Nitrogen Rates Prediction Using Remotely Sensed Imagery
2005Jeff VetschLambPDF iconCorn and Soybean Production as Affected by Tillage Systems
2005Elena BeyhautGrahamPDF iconIllinois Bundleflower [Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacMillan] Responses to Inoculation and Microsymbiont Biodiversity.pdf