Graduate Faculty

Name Photo Research Area(s) Email Phone Title / Position
John Baker John Baker Biometeorology, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops 612-625-4249 Adjunct Professor, Research Leader, USDA-ARS
Jay Bell photo of Jay Bell Pedology, Wetlands and Peatlands 612-625-6703 Professor
Adam Birr Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anna Cates Picture of Anna Cates with link to Profile page Soil Health 612-625-3135 State Soil Health Specialist
Brent Dalzell Applied Environmental Geoscience, Soil Biogeochemistry 612-625-0445 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fabián Fernández photo of Fabian Fernandez Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops, Nutrient Management 612-625-7460 Associate Professor
Gary Feyereisen photo of Gary Feyereisen Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops 612-625-0968 Adjunct Assistant Professor, USDA-ARS
Joshua Gamble 612-625-9022 Adjunct Assistant Professor (USDA-ARS)
Timothy Griffis photo of Timothy Griffis Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Biogeochemistry, Biometeorology 612-625-3117 Professor
Julie M. Grossman Photo of Julie Grossman Organic Agriculture, Soil Nutrient Cycling, Legume Cover Crops, Rizobia Ecology, Biological Nitrogen Fixation 612-625-8597 Associate Professor, Horticultural Sciences
Jessica Gutknecht Jessica Gutknecht 612-626-8435 Assistant Professor
Satoshi Ishii Picture of Satoshi Ishii Aquatic Microbiology, Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Environmental Microbiology 612-624-7902 Associate Professor
Nic Jelinski Nic Jelinski Pedology 612-626-9936 Assistant Professor
Jane M. Fischer Johnson 320-589-3411 ext. 131 Adjunct Assistant Professor; Research Soil Scientist
Jacob Jungers Sustainable Cropping Systems 612-625-0210 Assistant Professor, Agronomy and Plant Genetics
Daniel Kaiser Picture of Daniel Kaiser Crops, Nutrient Management 612-624-3482 Associate Professor
Katherine Klink Photo of Katherine Klink Climate, climate variability, wind climatology, wind power, climate-biosphere interaction, environmental science 612-625-3452 Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography
Joseph Knight photo of Joseph Knight Land Use and Land Cover Change, Wetlands and Peatlands 612-625-5354 Assistant Professor
Randall Kolka photo of Randall Kolka Natural Ecosystems 218-326-7115 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Katsumi Matsumoto Photo of Katsumi Matsumoto Oceanography, geochemistry, carbon cycle, climate change 612-624-0275 Professor and McKnight Land-Grant Professor, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics
Dylan Millet Picture of Dylan Millet Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Climate Change 612-626-3259 Professor, Co-director of Graduate Studies
David Mulla Picture of David Mulla Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Ecosystem Modeling, Precision Agriculture 612-625-6721 Professor & Endowed Chair in Soil and Water Resources, Professor, Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Ed Nater Ed Nater Biogeochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Pedology 612-625-9734 Professor
Peter Neff Atmospheric ChemistryClimate and Climate ChangeEnvironmental Chemistry +1 612 625 8145 Assistant Research Professor
Paulo Pagliari photo of Paulo Pagliari Crops, Nutrient Management 507-752-5065 Associate Professor
Lindsay Pease Picture of Lindsay Pease with link to profile website Nutrient Management, Water Quality 218-281-8608 Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Nutrient and Water Management
Jennifer S. Powers Photo of Jennifer Powers Terrestrial biogeochemistry, Microbial ecology 612-625-5721 Associate Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Pamela Rice photo of Pamela Rice Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Environmental Chemistry 612-624-9210 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Heidi Roop Climate and Climate Change +1 612 301 0093 Assistant Professor of Climate Science 
Extension Specialist in Climate Science
Carl Rosen Photo of Carl Rosen Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops, Environmental Chemistry 612-625-8114 Professor, Department Head; Soil, Water, & Climate
Michael Sadowsky Michael Sadowsky Aquatic Microbiology, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Environmental Microbiology 612-624-2706 Professor
Michael Schmitt Michael Schmitt 612-625-7098 Professor, CFANS Senior Associate Dean for Extension
Vasudha Sharma Picture of Vasu Sharma and link to profile website Irrigation 612-626-4986 Irrigation Specialist
Albert Sims photo of Albert Sims Crops, Nutrient Management 218-281-8602 Associate Professor
Peter Snyder photo of Peter Snyder Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Climate and Climate Change, Ecosystem Modeling 612-625-8209 Associate Professor
Kurt Spokas photo of Kurt Spokas Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Physics 612-626-2834 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jeff Strock Jeff Strock Nutrient Management 507-752-5064 Professor
Brandy Toner photo of Brandy Toner Biogeochemistry, Environmental Chemistry 612-624-1362 Associate Professor
Tracy Twine Picture of Tracy Twine Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Climate and Climate Change, Ecosystem Modeling 612-625-7278 Associate Professor
Rodney Venterea photo of Rodney Venterea Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Biogeochemistry, Soil Physics 612-624-7842 Adjunct Assistant Professor, USDA-ARS
Melissa Wilson Picture of Melissa Wilson Nutrient Management, Manure Management 612-625-4276 Assistant Professor 
Ce Yang photo of Ce Yang 612-626-6419 Assistant Professor
Kyungsoo Yoo Kyungsoo Yoo Biogeochemistry, Natural Ecosystems, Pedology 612-624-7784 Professor