Graduate Faculty

Name Photo Research Area(s) Email Phone Title / Position
John Baker John Baker Biometeorology, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops 612-625-4249 Adjunct Professor, Research Leader, USDA-ARS
Karen Ballen photo of Karen Ballen Soil Environmental Microbiology 612-625-8268 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jay Bell photo of Jay Bell Pedology, Wetlands and Peatlands 612-625-6703 Professor
Adam Birr Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anna Cates Picture of Anna Cates with link to Profile page Soil Health 612-625-3135 State Soil Health Specialist
Fabián Fernández photo of Fabian Fernandez Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops, Nutrient Management 612-625-7460 Associate Professor
Gary Feyereisen photo of Gary Feyereisen Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops 612-625-0968 Adjunct Assistant Professor, USDA-ARS
Timothy Griffis photo of Timothy Griffis Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Biogeochemistry, Biometeorology 612-625-3117 Professor
Julie M. Grossman Photo of Julie Grossman Organic Agriculture, Soil Nutrient Cycling, Legume Cover Crops, Rizobia Ecology, Biological Nitrogen Fixation 612-625-8597 Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences
Satish Gupta photo of Satish Gupta Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Physics 612-625-1241 Raymond Allmaras Professor of Emerging Issues in Soil and Water
Jessica Gutknecht Jessica Gutknecht 612-626-8435 Assistant Professor
Satoshi Ishii Picture of Satoshi Ishii Aquatic Microbiology, Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Environmental Microbiology 612-624-7902 Assistant Professor
Nic Jelinski Nic Jelinski Pedology 612-626-9936 Assistant Professor
Jane M. Fischer Johnson 320-589-3411 ext. 131 Adjunct Assistant Professor; Research Soil Scientist
Daniel Kaiser Picture of Daniel Kaiser Crops, Nutrient Management 612-624-3482 Associate Professor
Katherine Klink Photo of Katherine Klink Climate, climate variability, wind climatology, wind power, climate-biosphere interaction, environmental science 612-625-3452 Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography
Joseph Knight photo of Joseph Knight Land Use and Land Cover Change, Wetlands and Peatlands 612-625-5354 Assistant Professor
Randall Kolka photo of Randall Kolka Natural Ecosystems 218-326-7115 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Julian Marshall Photo of Julian Marshall Air pollution impacts on urban form, air pollution and health impacts of transportation and energy consumption, in situ measurement of fine particles in developing countries 612-625-2397 Assistant Professor and McKnight Land-Grant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering
Katsumi Matsumoto Photo of Katsumi Matsumoto Oceanography, geochemistry, carbon cycle, climate change 612-624-0275 Associate Professor and McKnight Land-Grant Professor, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics
Peter H. McMurry Photo of Peter McMurry Atmospheric aersols, novel materials formed from deposited nanoparticles produced in thermal plasma reactors 612-624-2817 Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dylan Millet Picture of Dylan Millet Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Climate Change 612-626-3259 Professor, Co-director of Graduate Studies
David Mulla Picture of David Mulla Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Ecosystem Modeling, Precision Agriculture 612-625-6721 Professor & Endowed Chair in Soil and Water Resources, Professor, Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Ed Nater Ed Nater Biogeochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Pedology 612-625-9734 Professor
Paulo Pagliari photo of Paulo Pagliari Crops, Nutrient Management 507-752-5065 Assistant Professor
Lindsay Pease Picture of Lindsay Pease with link to profile website Nutrient Management, Water Quality 218-281-8608 Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Nutrient and Water Management
Jennifer S. Powers Photo of Jennifer Powers Terrestrial biogeochemistry, Microbial ecology 612-625-5721 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Pamela Rice photo of Pamela Rice Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Environmental Chemistry 612-624-9210 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Carl Rosen Photo of Carl Rosen Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Crops, Environmental Chemistry 612-625-8114 Professor, Department Head; Soil, Water, & Climate
Michael P. Russelle Nutrient management, manure application options on alfalfa 612-625-8145

Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Soil, Water, & Climate

USDA/ARS Plant Science Research Unit

Michael Sadowsky Michael Sadowsky Aquatic Microbiology, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Environmental Microbiology 612-624-2706 Professor
Michael Schmitt Michael Schmitt 612-625-7098 Professor, CFANS Senior Associate Dean for Extension
Vasudha Sharma Picture of Vasu Sharma and link to profile website Irrigation 612-626-4986 Irrigation Specialist
Albert Sims photo of Albert Sims Crops, Nutrient Management 218-281-8602 Associate Professor
Peter Snyder photo of Peter Snyder Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Climate and Climate Change, Ecosystem Modeling 612-625-8209 Associate Professor
Kurt Spokas photo of Kurt Spokas Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Hydrology and Water Quality, Soil Physics 612-626-2834 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jeff Strock Jeff Strock Nutrient Management 507-752-5064 Professor
Brandy Toner photo of Brandy Toner Biogeochemistry, Environmental Chemistry 612-624-1362 Associate Professor
Tracy Twine Picture of Tracy Twine Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Climate and Climate Change, Ecosystem Modeling 612-625-7278 Associate Professor
Rodney Venterea photo of Rodney Venterea Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Biogeochemistry, Soil Physics 612-624-7842 Adjunct Assistant Professor, USDA-ARS
Ce Yang photo of Ce Yang 612-626-6419 Assistant Professor
Kyungsoo Yoo Kyungsoo Yoo Biogeochemistry, Natural Ecosystems, Pedology 612-624-7784 Professor