The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries, with a collection of more than 4 million catalogued volumes, ranks 14th in size among American universities. Included in the system are the Biomedical Library (health sciences); Science and Engineering Libraries (engineering, architecture, mathematics, physics, geology); St. Paul Libraries (agriculture, biological sciences, veterinary medicine); and Humanities and Social Sciences Libraries (social sciences, humanities, archives, special collections). In addition to strong comprehensive research collections, the system offers a full range of reference and information services, including specialized reference assistance, data base literature searching, and library user instructions.

Reference and Information Services:
Help is available for finding answers to questions and locating library materials and other sources of information. Please feel free to ask at the Reference and Circulation desk for help.

St. Paul Campus Libraries:
Magrath Library, St. Paul Campus, 1984 Buford Avenue (4-2233)
Entomology, Fisheries and Wildlife Library, 375 Hodson Hall (4-9288)
Forestry Library, B50 Skok Hall (4-3222)
Veterinary Medicine Library, 450 Veterinary Science (4-4281)

Minneapolis Libraries:
Biomedical Library Diehl Hall (East Bank) (6-2227)
Walter Library (Science and Engineering) Walter Library (East Bank) (4-2006)
Wilson Library (Humanities and Social Sciences) Wilson Library (West Bank) (4-3321)

Circulation Policies:
Books and theses may be borrowed for thirteen weeks at a time by staff and graduate students. Undergraduates may borrow books and theses for six-week periods. Periodicals may be checked out for three days at a time. Books that have been out for at least two weeks may be recalled for another user. If a book or journal article is not owned by the University Libraries, you may request it through the Interlibrary Loan service. Ask at the Reference/Circulation desk for more information.

Library users must present their University ID cards to borrow materials. LUMINA terminals indicate whether a particular item is checked out or otherwise unavailable for immediate use.

Course Reserves:
For various courses taught in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, library materials may be placed on Reserve at the instructor's request. Items on reserve may be in the shelves next to the current periodicals, and are arranged by the course number. Reserve items may be checked out of the library for two hours at a time when the library is open. Overnight loans are available one half-hour before closing, and are due at 10:00 the next morning on weekdays. Reserve items checked out on Friday afternoon are due at 1:00 Saturday afternoon. Items checked out on Saturday afternoon are due at 10:00 Monday morning.

MNCAT: MNCAT is the library computer system which tells you where items are located in the University Libraries collections. MNCAT includes a public access on-line catalog that currently provides access to 4 million records by author, subject, and title. MNCAT also provides free access to many bibliographic search services for members of the University community. MNCAT terminals are available in all University Libraries units, including Plant Pathology. MNCAT is also accessible from any home or office equipped with a personal computer and is available through the campus computer network. For help in using MNCAT, ask at the Reference/Circulation desk. Printed instruction guides are available next to the MNCAT terminal.

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