Committee Structures, Functions, and Memberships

AWARDS: Submit applications for College and University wide awards.

CIVIL SERVICE: (two year term to end 2016) -Discuss issues that affect civil service employees and plan luncheon get together to form cohesiveness so that civil service employees would feel part of a group.

*CONSULTATIVE: Elected from nominations to serve for a staggered two-year period (non-consecutive). Provides continuous staff input into decision-making and planning processes of the department. Agenda items which invoke faculty issues of a sensitive nature may be discussed in the absence of non-faculty members or the Department Head.

CURRICULUM: Evaluate and recommend changes in undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

EXTERNAL RELATIONS/ENDOWMENT: Work with development office to seek funding opportunities from donors.

GRADUATE STUDENT: Discuss issues that affect graduate students in LAAS.

*GRADUATE STUDIES: Curriculum, recruitment, admission, student programs, and examination. Committee chaired by the Director of Graduate Studies. Members serve a three-year elected term and are eligible for consecutive terms.

*GRIEVANCE: Serve as third party to hear grievances and try to resolve them within the department – may need to use college human resources staff to help resolve grievances.

*FACULTY REVIEW/ANNUAL REVIEW (faculty evaluation committee):

Climatological Observatory
Growth Chambers
Analytical Services

SAFETY: Distribute laboratory audit checklist developed by Environmental Health & Safety that consists of a list of questions that address issues such as general house-keeping, chemical storage, waste management, required training and paperwork. Responsible for making sure employees who are handling chemicals go through the required training and responsible for maintaining records of training taken by employees.

SEMINAR: Plan, schedule and conduct departmental seminars during the year.

SOCIAL: (Fernández, Ishii, Nordstrom, Kate Hall) -Parties, picnics, fun and fellowship

SPACE: Space utilization, needs, and requirements

STUDENT FEES COMMITTEE: Advise and make recommendations related to student and teaching technology needs. Appointed by Department Head.

* Denotes an elected committee

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